Have you decided to start running ? First of all, congratulations for taking a correct decision to improve your lifestyle. Secondly, I would like to give you some tips for beginner joggers , to help you avoid injury, feel better and not quit.

Use proper shoes for jogging
For jogging the first step is getting the right shoes . Choose a store where you can advise on the best shoes for running , which also can find out if pronator, supinator or neutral footprint. With a correct footwear will avoid many of the problems that can arise from running.

Use comfortable clothing
If we want to go running, we find comfortable clothing and try not to be 100% cotton, since this material retain sweat and causes abrasions and even sores. Natural fibers such as bamboo and synthetic like polyester or lycra are great.

Get company
Getting someone to join us in our goal, either a partner or a group. Sometimes when we lose heart started running, but when you know someone is waiting train will not stop .

Develops a routine
Choose a plan, especially if we have a sedentary lifestyle or do not practice much sport, is necessary.We can consult with a personal trainer , online or raise it according to our abilities, but we should start making plans to mix running with walking. For example, one minute and five foot run, and gradually reducing the time gait walking.

Get used to the rhythm
Acclimate to exercise is an essential step. It can take between four and six weeks did not feel exhausted, so we must be aware of this before cower. In addition, we must start slowly to allow the muscles to adapt, but often feel cramps , especially in the calves.

Power Good
Eating , how and when? It is probably one of the most common questions. Ideally eat a half hour before exercise, between 200 and 400 calories from complex carbohydrates and some protein.

Thus, we have the power and we had time to digest the food. Good examples are yogurt with granola, English bread with peanut butter or half a sandwich and a banana. We also need to eat some carbohydrates at 40 minutes after completion of the exercise.

Good hydration
We drink water before and during exercise. At 45 minutes into a run, it is also advisable to add a sports drink to restore lost electrolytes.

Warm up by stretching is important to prevent injury . With only five minutes we relieve the sensation. Another much more should we do at the end, as well as a bit of relaxation.

Understanding the body
Probably muscles hurt us, but if you feel pain in the shin, hip, and others, it is important to slow down, use anti-inflammatories and rest.

Rest is important, because it gives the body time to rebuild and recover after a workout. If we do not, we’ll feel worse the next time we exercise ourselves. At first it is important to have at least one day of rest between exercises.

Running comfortable
Making shorter steps, apply lubricant in sensitive areas to blister, slow down, breathe better-snorted and perform abdominal breaths.

Did you like these tips for beginner joggers ? What steps you take before starting your exercises?

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